Dog True Stories

Panda's True Story
Help stop pet dental pain

The Importance of Anesthesia
and Teeth Cleanings

Pet Dental X-rays

The upper molar is very loose because it has an abscessed root! Ouch!

This infected 3-rooted tooth is very painful!

No one would ever know how much pain Panda was in without taking pet dental X-rays.

Pet Dental X-rays

Take a closer look at the same dental X-ray.

The white dashed line shows the root tip.

The solid red line shows the abscess.

No one would ever know how much pain Panda was in without taking pet dental X-rays.
Panda's Bad Tooth
Panda's True Story

Pre Procedure

Panda's Dental Care
Panda's True Story

Post Procedure

Panda was so much happier after she got dental care!
Help Stop Pet Dental Pain

Key Points

Happy After Dental Care!
Help Stop Pet Dental Pain

Broken Teeth

Before He Got Dental Care
Help Stop Pet Dental Pain

Quietly Suffering For Years

Aldrich's Broken Tooth

This is the broken upper back big tooth (the upper fourth premolar or P4) with tartar on it.

Arrow shows the opening that leads to the nerve (pulp).

Aldrich's Broken Tooth

After the tartar was removed, the opening that leads to the nerve is easier to see (arrow).

The red line shows the missing part of the tooth..


Aldrich's X-rays

This is a dental x-ray of the broken upper tooth, P4.

A person would be in great pain with this toothache.

The owners said that Aldrich seemed tired because he was sleeping a lot and stopping to rest on walks.

Aldrich's X-rays

In the dental X-ray of P4, the solid red line shows the abscess and the dotted white line shows the 3 roots (2 are resorbing).

After P4 was extracted, the owners reported that he had lots of energy on walks and was even running around and playing with the other dogs!

Help Stop Pet Dental Pain

Key Points

Help stop pet dental pain

Rosie's Story

The Signs That We Can Look For

Bad Breath and Changes in Mood

Three years ago, Donna noticed that Rosie had bad breath and seemed unhappy. She began a bizarre behavior of biting at the air.

Two years ago, Donna had Rosie’s teeth cleaned, but the bad breath persisted. Recently, Rosie started to hold her mouth in an abnormal position and she began dropping food from her mouth when eating.

Rosie’s veterinarian took an X-ray and found that Rosie had a fractured mandible (lower jaw). Donna was referred to Dr. Hoffman for treatment.

Dental X-rays revealed that Rosie’s fracture was due to advanced bone loss as a result of untreated periodontal disease. Most of Rosie’s remaining teeth also has abscesses and severe bone loss. The fracture was a non-union type: it was not new, and it was not healing.

The only treatment option for Rosie was for Dr. Hoffman to remove a portion of her mandible and extract all the teeth with abscesses and severe bone loss. Rosie’s surgery took three hours.




Fractured right mandible

Rosie first suffered from a fractured right mandible, which is very painful.


Advanced periodontal disease

So much bone is lost that the jaw is weakened and the teeth are not supported.

After The Dental Pain Is Gone

She Is Wagging Her Tail Again!

One week later, Rosie has gained weight and has an excellent appetite. She no longer bites at the air. She is wagging her tail again for the first time in years.

She wants to go for walks on a leash. Before her surgery, she did not want to go outside at all. Rosie likes to eat her prescription food, deli roast beef, liverwurst, baby food and chicken breast.

Donna says, “Rosie is a different dog. She is happy now.” Donna would like pet owners to know that the only way to determine the cause of oral pain and odor is by taking dental X-rays.

Cleaning teeth does not address dental pain or disease. A pet’s teeth can be cleaned every year, BUT IF X-RAYS ARE NOT TAKEN, any painful disease affecting the roots of the teeth will not be treated and can lead to years of pain and, in some small dogs, jaw fractures.

Help Stop Pet Dental Pain

Key Points

Help Stop Dog Dental Pain

You Can Make A Difference!

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Sadly most pet owners still don’t even know that their dogs need dental care or that they are suffering from constant pain. Help us spread the word about the importance of pet dental care. Help stop pet dental pain!