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Help stop pet dental pain

Do Cats Show Dental Pain?

Cats Are Stoic

“But my cat doesn’t act like it hurts?”

Stoic (stow’ik): Enduring pain or hardship without showing feelings or complaining.  

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Dental Infections cause Dental Pain

A Link Between Dental Pain and Infection

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Help stop pet dental pain

How Bad Is It?

Veterinarian Checkups

Usually Cats Don't Show Signs of Pain!

The Signs That We Can Look For

Signs of Dental Pain and Infection in Cats

Although cats typically show no signs of having a bad toothache and living with dental pain, there still are some signs that we can look for. If you notice any of the symptoms below, please take your cat to the veterinarian ASAP!

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Bad Breath

Persistent bad breath is often a sign of dental infection. Bad breath in dogs is easy to notice because they pant. Cats don’t pant, so bad breath often goes unnoticed.


Tartar, Discoloration

Tartar covers most of this upper big back tooth and extends up onto gum (arrow). Receding gums and bone loss may be hidden by the tartar.


Broken Tooth

Broken tooth. Compare the broken upper fang tooth (arrow) to the fang tooth on other side. The broken tooth must be extracted or have a root canal to avoid lifelong pain.

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Gum Disease

Gum disease signs include red gums, gums that bleed easily, receding gums and overgrown gums. This photo shows red swollen gums in a cat. There is mild tartar build up, too. Daily dental care will help the gingivitis. The tartar will continue to build up, so a professional dental cleaning will be needed soon.

reobsorbing teeth

Resorbing Teeth

Resorbing teeth are teeth that slowly and painfully dissolve. The arrow shows a hole in the upper tooth. The dotted outline shows the missing part of the lower tooth that was weakened by resorption and broke off.


More Tartar On One Side Of The Mouth

The side with the heavier tartar isn’t being used because it hurts.


Changes In Eating Habits

If you notice that your cat is dropping food, reluctant to eat (especially dry food), or is eating slowly, it’s time for you to take your cat to the veterinarian for a dental checkup.


Weight Loss

Cat weight loss can be caused by dental disease, as well as other health problems. A healthy cat’s adult body weight should stay about the same. Weighing your cat at home every month can help catch health problems early. A baby scale works well to find the small weight changes that can be important.


Frequent Sneezing

Frequently licks nose … this is what cats do when they have a runny nose. If you notice this occuring, it is time to take your cat to the veterinarian for a dental checkup. 


Pawing At Mouth

If you notice your  cat is pawing at their mouth more than usual, it’s time to see a veterinarian for a dental checkup.  




If you notice your cat drooling excessively it’s a good sign you need to see a veterinarian for a dental checkup. 


Behavior Changes

If you notice your cat becomes grouchy, spends a lot of time hiding and there’s a decrease in their normal grooming habits, it’s a good sign you need to see a veterinarian for a dental checkup.

The Three Common Causes

Common Causes of Dental Pain and Infection in Cats

Resorbing (Dissolving) Tooth, Broken Tooth, Gum Diseases


Questions To Ask
Your Veterinarian

True Stories

You will notice how much better your cat feels after their dental pain is gone!

Check out some of the comments we get from cat owners after their cat has a complete dental treatment including dental X-rays!