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Mickey's Infected Tooth Root


Mickey's Missing Tooth

In this photo, taken under anesthesia, the circle shows a reddish area where the the missing upper fang tooth used to be. Dental X-rays are needed to see what’s under the gum.

Cat Dental Model

This is a cat dental model showing the roof of the mouth and the area in the dental X-ray. The arrow shows the upper canine (fang) root tip.


Mickey Needed X-rays

Dental X-ray shows the abscessed root of the missing canine (fang) tooth still in the socket. The root is causing the infection. After the root is gone, the socket can heal.

Mickey's Dental Care

This is the same dental X-ray with the root outlined in white and the abscess in red. The root was removed, the socket cleaned and grafted, and the gum sutured. Six other teeth with severe bone loss were also extracted.

Help Stop Pet Dental Pain

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Help Stop Pet Dental Pain

Cat Dental X-rays

Help Stop Cat Dental Pain

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